Our Approach


It is with this comprehensive skill set that we have successfully launched a number of customized implementations for web based software, mobile apps, and knowledge management systems. The branding aspects of software development are often overlooked, given that most development firms a full of engineers with zero experience in actually getting traction for the products they create. The Reckoner Group advantage is a multi-disciplinary approach that thrives under the influence of our competencies in social media, content creation, and marketing campaign execution.  We are fully invested in this type of work closely with those helping write the best practices in the realm.

Our Purpose

Reckoner Group was founded as an international production and development firm, recruiting world class programming, business development, and marketing talent to develop best of breed products and solutions.

We have gone on to develop many projects for various companies while working on a number of joint ventures and creating our own proprietary web based technology. For the past couple years we have ventured into the realm of economic development and bringing our vision and perspective to an industry that desperately needs it.

Our Story

Our founder, Ely Beckman, came to the digital media game with a background in architecture and fashion design, paired with a mastery over branding he and his team has positioned The Reckoner Group as a bleeding edge consultancy with a host of self initiated projects along side world class work being developed for clients like you.